IoT in Health care is one of the best things to have happened to the sector in recent times. IoT with its own set of benefits such as enabling real-time monitoring, providing more mature and effective solutions to collect patient data, and tracking patients and staff activities meet new requirements.

IoT has many applications in healthcare that benefit patients, families, physicians, hospitals and insurance companies.

IoT for Patients –

Devices in the form of wearables like fitness bands and other wirelessly connected devices like blood pressure and heart rate monitoring cuffs, glucometer etc. give patients access to personalized attention.

IoT for Physicians –

By using wearables and other monitoring equipment embedded with IoT, physicians can keep track of patients’ health more effectively. They can track patients’ adherence to treatment plans or any need for immediate medical attention.


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IoT for Hospitals –

There are many other areas where IoT devices are very useful in hospitals. IoT devices tagged with sensors are used to track the real-time location of medical devices.

IoT for Health Insurance Companies –

There are many opportunities for health insurers with IoT-connected intelligent devices. Insurance companies can leverage data captured through health monitoring devices for their underwriting and claims operations. This data will enable them to detect fraud claims and identify prospects for underwriting. IoT devices bring transparency between insurers and customers in the underwriting, pricing, claims handling, and risk assessment processes.

IoT has countless advantages in the healthcare industry. Health facilities and physicians will be able to reduce errors because all patient information can be measured quickly.

Here are some advantages of Using the IoT in Health care:-

•Cost Reduction: IoT enables patient monitoring in real time, thus extensively cutting down unnecessary visits to doctors and hospital stays.

•Improved Treatment: It enables physicians to make evidence-based informed decisions and brings absolute transparency.

•Faster Disease Diagnosis: Patient monitoring and real time data helps in diagnosing diseases at an early stage or even before the disease develops based on symptoms.

•Proactive Treatment: Continuous health monitoring opens the doors for providing proactive medical treatment.

•Drugs and Equipment Management: Management of drugs and medical equipment is a major challenge in a healthcare industry. With sensors which could be attached to IoT devices and this medical equipment can be easily monitored.

•Error Reduction: IoT in Healthcare not only helps in capable patient management but also ensure smooth healthcare operations with reduced errors, waste and system costs.

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